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Words Are Power

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Play the only game that combines word puzzles with adventure, crime, and mystery! Star as an investigative reporter and detective whose object is to solve cases and grab headlines. Your tools: a nose for news and an eye for double word bonuses. Find hidden clues, interview suspects, and catch criminals by scoring big in crossword challenges. In this city, brains do the heavy lifting because Words Are Power!

Word puzzles meet adventure…and murder!
– Beat crossword challenges to solve cases.
– Use your detective skills and dictionary: Reveal clues by scoring word bonuses.
– Interview suspects with minigames like word connections, target word scores, tile reveals, and more.

Unlock mysteries and conspiracies
– Play a 1950s investigative reporter whose object is getting big leads.
– Explore a city filled with colorful characters.
New episodes revealed with regular updates.

Investigate crimes by yourself or with friends
– Choose your own path: your decisions change the plot!
– Story and adventure meet board game action.
– Work as a team – Share tiles with friends to solve tough puzzles.