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Guerrilla Spirits

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Unleash your inner beast! Guerrilla Spirits combines tactical, turn-based role playing with unique warriors that invoke the elements! Collect a team of fighters from around the world. Summon powerful spirit animals whose earth shattering powers are yours to command! Free to download and play, Guerrilla Spirits gives your team of legendary warriors the power to control fire, water, and nature itself.


Collect legendary warriors from around the world
– Build a team of shamans, heroes, thieves, and more!
– Find rare collectible summoners
– CCG-style card system and character leveling

Unleash your Spirit Animal
– Summon special powers in the form of tigers, cobras, wolves and more.
– Fire, water, and more! Command the elements via your Spirit Animal.
– Hunt for rare Spirits in remote areas

Tactical RPG team combat
– Turn based role playing combat against unique enemies
– Team tactics and strategy add depth to each battle

Rule the Wilds
– Explore jungles, forests, and more across a vast map
– Single player story mode
– King of the Hill multiplayer